Shooting Sports News - 2008 Shooting Range Development Grants
Oct 16, 2007

Arizona Game and Fish offers shooting range development grants - application deadline is Jan. 15, 2008

PHOENIX —  Shooting clubs, sportsmen’s groups and government agencies involved in the development, improvement or maintenance of public shooting ranges, including archery ranges, have an opportunity to apply for grant funds from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Grants are available through a competitive application process each year. The Arizona Game and Fish Commission determines how much money is available, but generally the total is about $100,000. The maximum grant award is $50,000 per project. Privately owned and for-profit ranges are not eligible for this program.

“The program offers a number of benefits,” says Anthony Chavez, the department’s statewide shooting ranges administrator. “It helps provide shooting enthusiasts with safe public shooting areas, supports the department’s hunter education and youth programs, and supports law enforcement training.”

Examples of projects that could be eligible for funds include shooting range development and redevelopment, construction of noise abatement structures and safety berms, installation of shooting pads and stations, and construction or improvement of access roads and parking lots.

Grant funds are used to reimburse eligible project expenditures up to 50 percent of the total cost. Grants can be matched with cash, with donated labor and materials, or with land. The range must have a history of operation of at least five years to be eligible for a grant, unless owned or managed by a government agency.

Grant applications will be judged by a panel of department employees on various criteria, including how the project will increase public usefulness, improve range safety, and support firearms safety, the shooting sports, hunter education and law enforcement training. Final awards will be determined by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission at its June 2008 meeting.

To download an application packet, visit and click on the “range development grants” link on the left side of the page, or request a packet by contacting Anthony Chavez, statewide shooting ranges administrator, at (623) 236-7395 or