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Current Field & Course Availabilities

Due to sanctioned registered shoots and other public or corporate events, on occasion, some field and course availability is limited. Please check here before you visit to assure we can meet your shooting needs. For future planning or travelers, visit our upcoming events page for more listings.





About the Facility - Map of Center's fields courses and rv area


The Ben Avery Clay Target Center is a public shotgun-shooting facility in north Phoenix, owned by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission and operated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. It is located on the grounds of the 1,650-acre Ben Avery Shooting Facility.

Surrounded by beautiful Sonoran desert landscape and mountain backdrops, the Clay Target Center provides a southwestern recreational venue for skeet, trap and sporting clays shotgun shooters.

Men, women and children of all ages and experience levels, including beginners, are welcome. Our courteous staff members oversee safety and offer informal coaching when needed. We will make every effort to make your visit to the Ben Avery Clay Target Center an enjoyable and memorable one.



Sporting Clays - 3 Courses

The center has three sporting clays courses guaranteed to meet every shooter's needs, from a beginner-level shooter to the seasoned competitive shooter, including the latest target presentation from an elevated scissor-lift.

  • Quail course - 6-station beginner level course
  • Rattlesnake course - 15-station intermediate level course
  • Roadrunner course - 12-15 station master level course


Target presentations are changed periodically to make each returning visit a new experience.



Trap and Skeet Fields

For shooters who enjoy trap and skeet, the center offers 16 lighted trap and skeet fields (overlays with 17 trap and 13 skeet, including one field setup for 5-stand, and another for bunker trap).

Every field features brand new throwing equipment, voice-activated releases (trap) and overhead lighting for evening shoots.

Electronic game cards are in place to keep your game going at your convenience.

Fields are also equipped with covered awnings, tables, benches, gun rests and drinking fountains.

Range staff is also available to assist those that are new to the sport.




The center has a 5-stand field setup on one of the trap/skeet fields. The 5-stand field offers 6-8 target presentations from 5 different stations.

5-stand offers an experience similar to sporting clays without the walking. Each stand has a unique menu of the 5 target presentations, for a total of 25 birds per game.



Bunker Trap (Olympic or International Trap)

The Ben Avery Clay Target Center has a spectacular Bunker Trap field. Bunker trap is also known as Olympic or International Trap, which is the trap field used in the Olympics.

The addition of bunker trap has made it possible for the Clay Target Center to be designated as a regional training center for USA Olympic Shooting Sports.

The design is very similar to that of a baseball dugout. In the dugout, or bunker, is where 15 machines are housed - 3 throwers for each shooting station. The shooter is on top and behind the bunker shooting from an elevated position at targets that can go left, right or straight out at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.

Professional, competitive, and seasoned shooters favor this type of trap, but it can be fun for shooters who enjoys a challenge.



RV Campground - 102 Full Hooks-ups sites

102 sites are available for shotgun shooters with RVs, 5th wheels or campers at the west end of the Clay Target Center.

For shooters with mobility restrictions, trap/skeet field no. 2 is conveniently located near the first row of RV spaces.

Each site offers full hook-up services with water, electric (up to 50 amps) and sewer. Wi-Fi Internet is also available at the Visitor/Business Center.

Each site offers pull through capabilities and adequate room for a sitting and visiting area alongside of your vehicle. For those with electric golf carts, the facility has a hitching post and parking area.



Wheelchair Accessible Trap/Skeet Field

One of a kind wheelchair friendly trap-skeet feild Attention shooters who use mobility aids: A new combination trap and skeet field specifically designed to accommodate shooters who use a mobility aid is now open.

The unique, fully paved design of this field allows for much easier access and maneuverability than traditional sidewalk-style fields found at most clay target facilities. In addition, there is a large covered awning, as well as an accommodating portable restroom.

Standard colored concrete was used to fill in the field area and all the regulation lanes and shooting stations were done in an accenting color dyed concrete. Red concrete represents the trap lanes, while maroon concrete was used to indicate the skeet stations. The end result is a very smooth surface that is very easy for wheelchairs mobility and other mobility aids to use. The colored lanes and shooting stations clearly identifies where to shoot from.

The new field is not just restricted to shooters using wheelchairs. It is a multi-use field for all patrons.



Desert Roses Women's Shotgun Program - as seen on Fox 10 TV

Register for the Desert Rose Women's Shotgun Program.

Desert Roses with Fox10 News Cory McCloskey

The Ben Avery Desert Roses is an introductory women’s shotgun program that offers a unique “night out with the girls.” It teaches the exciting shotgun disciplines of sporting clays, trap and skeet in a friendly, welcoming environment with other women.

The Ben Avery Desert Roses meet the first and third Thursday of each month from 6-9:00 p.m. Participation is free during the instructional period for each of the three shotgun shooting disciplines. Participants must be age 9 or older. Loaner shotguns are available for use at the range.

Pre-registration is required. Register here using the web form.

Contact Mike Rogers at, or or call 602 909-7817. Include full name, email, and phone number for a contact person.



Leagues - Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays and combinations

One of a kind wheelchair friendly trap-skeet feildLeagues are very popular and offer shooters, new and seasoned, a great way to shoot with peers of the same skill level.

Set schedules allow for busy folks to plan and incorporate their shooting hobby in their schedules.

Leagues also offer the opportunity to get addition instruction and direction to improve your game and the fun you have while out on the range.