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Sport Falconry License Application
  • Applicable Arizona Revised Statutes - A.R.S. § 17-101; A.R.S. § 17-231; A.1; A.R.S. § 17-236; A.R.S. § 17-303; A.R.S. § 17-304; A.R.S. § 17-321; A.R.S. § 17-332; A.R.S. § 17-333; A.R.S. § 17-371

  • Applicable Arizona Rules
  • R12-4-422


  • Applicable Federal Statutes or Rule
  • 50 CFR 10.13
    50 CFR 14
    50 CFR 21.12
    50 CFR 21.22
    50 CFR 21.24
    50 CFR 21.28

    50 CFR 21.30
    50 CFR 21.31
    50 CFR 21.29

    50 CFR 23

Brief Description – Allows possession of raptors for sport hunting purposes.


  • Process: New sport falconry applicants should download the electronic Falconry Information Packet.

    Apprentice falconers must have a sponsor. Follow the steps outlined in the guidelines below prior to submitting a license application. Applications should be sent to the appropriate Regional Office.

  • Application form needed:  2722-A [PDF]

  • Fee: $87.50

  • License valid: Maximum of 3 years (expires 3rd December from date of issue – e.g. 12/31/issue year +2)

  • Additional information needed: New applicants must pass a written test and an equipment and facilities inspection. These should be scheduled with the appropriate falconry coordinator. Both of these requirements must be met prior to approval of a license application. To avoid delays, do not submit your license application until you have met these requirements.

  • Additional requirements: Once your sport falconry license has been issued, you should log onto the federal database to establish your falconer ID (Instructions). You may then capture a bird in accordance with R12-4-422 and Commission Order 25 (Raptor Capture). Within 10 days, report all captures, bandings, releases, losses and transfers online here. Retain copies of all 3-186A transactions for 5 years.  


____You must be at least 12 years of age to apply for an apprentice falconer license in Arizona.

____Read over the information in the Falconry Information Packet thoroughly. Falconry is a time consuming and expensive sport. If you decide that falconry is not for you, there are many other ways you can enjoy raptors (go birding, volunteer at a hawk migration site or at a raptor rehabilitation center). If you still wish to become a falconer; proceed.

____Purchase an Arizona Hunting License. You are also required to possess a Migratory Bird Stamp and/or Waterfowl Stamp, depending on the prey you intend to hunt.

____Contact local falconers. Information on the Arizona Falconer’s Association ( can be found on the internet. Spending time at a falconry meet and individually with falconers can be very helpful in deciding if the sport is for you. Working through AFA is also the best way to find a sponsor (required for apprentice falconers).

____Start thinking about your Falconry Exam. Refer to the list of recommended readings provided in the Falconry Information Packet and ask current falconers for recommended readings on falconry. The state exam is given by appointment only and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions involving all aspects of falconry.

____Call the appropriate AGFD Regional office to schedule an appointment with the Falconry Coordinator when you are ready to take the test. Allow about an hour to take the test. If you fail the test, you may retake it in two weeks.

____Find a suitable General or Master Falconer under whom to apprentice. Plan to schedule considerable time for your training. You should be willing to adhere to your sponsor’s schedule and location for your training. Remember that you must have a sponsor for your first two years as an apprentice falconer.

____Prepare for your facilities and equipment inspection. You should be working with your sponsor at this stage, and they should help you with design of your facilities and provide advice in equipment selection. You may also want to consult online falconry resources, books and information in the Falconry Information Packet for facility specifications and designs. When your facilities/equipment are ready for inspection, call the appropriate AGFD Regional office to arrange a facilities/equipment inspection through the Regional Falconry Coordinator.

____Pass/fail falconry facilities and equipment inspection. If there are any deficiencies found in your facilities or equipment you may be given thirty days to have them
corrected. After this period, your facilities may be reinspected (at the investigating officer’s discretion).

____After you have passed both the falconry test and your facilities/equipment inspection, submit your completed Arizona falconry license application with the appropriate fee (currently $87.50 for a 3-year license) to the appropriate AGFD Regional office.

____ After you have in your possession an Arizona Hunting License, an Arizona Sport Falconry License, and depending on the game you plan to hunt, a Migratory Bird Stamp and/or WaterfowlStamp, you may begin to plan trapping your first bird for falconry purposes.

____Login to the Federal Falconry Database to acquire your Federal Falconry ID and submit your 3-186A forms. Instructions for the Federal electronic reporting system are available here.

____Arrange with your sponsor to capture your first bird during a “Raptor Capture Season” as defined in AGFD Commission Order 25, and in accordance with Arizona falconry rules (R12-4-422). An apprentice may only possess one falconry bird at a time and may take no more than 2 raptors from the wild for use in falconry each calendar year.



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