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White Amur Stocking License Application

Brief Description –A white amur stocking and holding license allows an individual to import, transport, stock, and possess triploid white amur (grass carp – Ctenopharyngodon idella) in closed aquatic systems where these fish are prevented from ingress or egress by a natural or manmade barrier, as determined by the Department. Triploidy (a 3N chromosome count) is required, and ensures sterility of the fish. Fish are being acquired for purposes of aquatic weeds that interfere with the use of a water body or that impair water quality, or for sale from a licensed fish farm.


  • Process: Complete the application form, submit payment, and secure approval through Regional Offices of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
  • Application form needed: Form 2724-A [pdf, 524kb]. (See also Application for Restocking White Amur)
  • Fee: $250.00. Under R12-4-424, an individual that holds a non-business white amur stocking and holding license does not pay the required fee if renewing the license. Restocking White Amur during the term of a valid current license requires approval on Form 2724-B. There is no fee for review of a restocking application.
  • Permit valid: One calendar year.
  • Additional information needed: Detailed diagram of the aquatic system to be stocked, description of how the system meets the definition of a “closed aquatic system” per R12-4-411; description of how the applicant meets the requirements under A.R.S. 17-317; and triploidy certification by the US Fish and Wildlife Service received by the Department. A proposal per R12-4-424(D) may be required if the permit is to stock white amur in a watershed that contains “Wildlife of Special Concern” as defined in R12-4-401 and there is concern for effects to wildlife resources.
  • Additional requirements: Certificate of triploidy of the white amur and copy of the White Amur Stocking and Holding License shall accompany each shipment. A commercial entity transporting live aquatic wildlife may require a transporter license from the Arizona Department of Agriculture per R3-2-1007. The license holder shall report all restocking of white amur to the Department on Form 2724-B (application for restocking of white amur). There is no fee associated with restocking during the term of an existing permit.



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