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Ride Responsibly When Shed Hunting

Nature Rules! Stay on Roads & Trails.

Shed hunting is a great way to experience outdoor Arizona, appreciate the cycle of nature and spend time with friends.  These tips show the low impact way to hunt shed antlers and assure good shed hunting in the future.

Do’s when shed hunting:

  • Stay on roads and trails when out on your off-highway vehicle
  • Walk while you stalk and pack out to your OHV
  • Always tread lightly on any wildlife habitat you encounter
  • Stay clear and respect the space of sick, injured or cornered wildlife
  • Report injured wildlife to the Arizona Game and Fish Department
  • Wait for the antlers to shed naturally
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return
  • Consult local land management agencies regarding local rules and regulations

Responsible shed hunters work to protect wildlife and their habitat.  High stress can cause pregnant does and cows to lose their young, while poor body conditioning and nutrition can stunt future antler growth in male animals.  This can directly affect your future hunting and OHV access opportunities.

Don’ts when shed hunting:

  • Do not operate off-road vehicles in wilderness areas or off of roads and trails
  • Do not harass or chase wildlife with your motorized vehicle
  • Do not allow dogs to chase wildlife
  • Do not corner wildlife and harass them to get antlers to fall off prematurely
  • Do not destroy, harm or, worst of all, litter on wildlife habitat areas
  • Do not cause road damage in very wet areas. Road ruts can lead to illegal roads being created

Chasing, harassing and disturbing wildlife can harm wildlife, their habitat and can decrease your access to public and private lands.  For more information, go online to:

If you witness harassment of wildlife or any other activity that is potentially harmful to wildlife, their habitat or other shed hunters, report the incident to Operation Game Thief at 1-800-352-0700.

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