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Page Springs Hatchery
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Page Springs is located on beautiful Oak Creek approximately 10 miles south of Sedona and 10 miles north of Cottonwood off Highway 89A on the Page Springs Road. The best access is from Interstate 17. Take the McGuireville exit (exit 293), turn west for approximately 10 miles to Cornville; turn north on Page Springs Road for five miles to hatchery entrance.

Page Springs Hatchery was named after the Page family, the previous owners of the property who had been raising trout as far back as the early 1930s.  The Department acquired a lease to the hatchery in 1938 and eventually purchased the hatchery in 1949. The facility has been through some major renovations, the most recent was in 1993 when it was completely rebuilt with new raceways and covered canopies.  

It takes a staff of 10 people to run this facility which is the largest trout growing facility in Arizona. Page Springs raises more than 600,000 catchable rainbow trout (9.5 inches), 50,000 brown trout of assorted sizes, and around 100,000 rainbow fingerlings each year. Fish from this hatchery are distributed year-round all across the state.


Water temperature at this hatchery is unique among trout culture facilities. Normally, trout are cultured in water temperatures between 45 to 55 F. The water temperature from the Cave Spring here is a constant 68 F, with a flow capacity of up to 17 million gallons daily. The warmer water allows for faster growth and it takes about 9-13 months to produce a catchable size fish versus up to 24 months at other hatcheries.  However, the water is too warm for transporting trout efficiently, so the hatchery has a giant ice machine capable of making 500 pounds of ice daily to cool down the water in the hatchery stocking trucks.


There are wildlife viewing areas at the site with visitor parking. There are short hiking trails from the parking lot on the North end of the property.  On the South end of the hatchery we have additional hiking trails and wildlife watching opportunities. The department has partnered with the Northern Arizona Audubon Society to develop this aspect of the site. Trails at this site are more developed than those of the adjacent Bubbling Ponds Hatchery. Visitation for this area is dawn to dusk seven days a week.

Page Springs Hatchery also has a Visitor Center with public restrooms and picnic tables.  Pending available funds, the Visitor Center is scheduled to be remodeled in the next couple years, so please pardon any dust while renovation is underway. There is a show pond where visitors can view and feed fish.

There are wildlife viewing areas at the hatchery site and designated visitor parking. In addition, the hatchery provides crucial habitat for rare or declining species such as northern Mexican gartersnake, Page springsnail, and a rare species of caddisfly.

Walking trails from the visitor parking lot lead to remote areas of the 100-acre portion of the property that are excellent for viewing wildlife. The department has partnered with the Northern Arizona Audubon Society to develop and maintain wildlife watching opportunities as well as wildlife habitats. It is not uncommon to see big game animals on site or other species such as otters, skunks, osprey, herons, raccoons, other mammals, amphibians, and about 200 species of birds. Bring your hiking boots and a pair of binoculars and enjoy the scenery!

Phone Number and Hours of Operation: 928-634-4805.  Open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 7 days a week except for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Page Springs Hatchery FAQs

Q. How many fish do you raise?
A. During a normal year, we may raise more than 600,000 catchable rainbow trout (9.5 inches), 50,000 brown trout of assorted sizes, and around 100,000 rainbow fingerlings.

Q. Where does the water come from and where does it go?
A. The water is collected from a number of natural springs and seeps on the northern end of the property and from the tunnel spring. The water is transported to a central collection point, where it is then passed through the hatchery and returned to a show pond, and then to Oak Creek.

Q. How many people work here?
A. There are nine people that work at this facility.

Updated April 2010


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