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Game Management Unit 45B

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Species within this unit: Bighorn Sheep,Quail
Unit Boundaries
Beginning at O-O Junction; north from O-O Junction on the Kofa Mine road to the Evening Star Mine; north on a line over Polaris Mountain to Midwell; north on the Midwell-Alamo Spring-Kofa Cabin road to the El Paso Natural Gas Pipeline Road; north on a line from the junction to the north Kofa National Wildlife Refuge boundary; east to the east refuge boundary; south and west along the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge boundary to the Stone Cabin-King Valley road; north and west on this road to O-O Junction.
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Bighorn Sheep

Overview: The east half of the Kofa Mountains and a small part of the Tank Mountains make up the bighorn areas of Unit 45B. Most of the bighorn are found in the Kofa Mountains portion of the unit. Very few bighorn sheep are found south of Engesser Pass in the Tank Mountains, however, large rams have been observed in this area. The bighorn sheep population in Unit 45B has dropped about 25 percent during the drought years of the early to mid-1990s. During this time permits varied between 2 to 4 permits per year. Unit 45B has experienced fluctuating hunter success during this time. A wide variation in both age and score of rams has also occurred.  From 2005-2010 hunters experienced 100% hunt success. The ten year average for harvested rams in 45B is 155.

All of Unit 45B lies within the boundaries of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Much of the unit also is composed of wilderness area and special regulations apply. Vehicle use is limited to existing designated roads and must remain within 100 feet of these roads.  For complete refuge regulations contact:

Refuge Manager
Kofa NWR
P. O. Box 6290
9300 E. 28th Street
Yuma, Az. 85366-6290
Phone: (928) 783-7861
Fax (928) 783-8611

Areas: High Tank 3 (White Dykes Dam): This area is found immediately north west of Craven Well in the north east portion of the unit. A good number of bighorn sheep are found on the high mesas around High Tank 3. Look around the rims and on top of the mesas for sheep. Take the Hovatter road south from Interstate 10 to the El Paso natural gas line, then east onto the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge to intersection 14, then south to Craven Well.

Red Rock Pass to Sheep Tank Mine: Look around the high country just east of Red Rock Pass and down the long ridges leading to the Sheep Tank Mine. Good numbers of bighorn can be found on the high peaks in the immediate area of the Sheep Tank Mine. Also just west of Red Rock Pass area are some large mesas that hold bighorn. Access: Take the Hovatter road south from Interstate 10 to the El Paso natural gas line, then east onto the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge to intersection 14, then south pass Craven Well to Red Rock Pass.

Hoodoo Well to Moonshine-Yaqui Tanks: South west of Hoodoo Well is a large block of mountains that run south to Moonshine wash, then west to Yaqui Tanks area. Bighorn sheep can be found throughout this area. Just west of Yaqui Tanks is Kofa Butte. An occasional ram can be found south of the butte along the high country above Charlie Died tank to the Manganese Mine area located just south of the entrance to Moonshine Wash. Access: Take the Hovatter road south from Interstate 10 to the El Paso natural gas line, then east onto the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge to intersection 14, then south pass Craven Well through Red Rock Pass to Hoodoo Well. You can also get to Hoodoo Well by taking the Hovatter road directly to the Hovatter Camp, Then west to Hoodoo Well.

Polaris Mountain Area: Bighorn can be found all around this large mountain found along the units west boundary. If you hunt here be familiar with the boundary so as not to stray into Unit 45A. Access: Take the King Valley road from the Stone Cabin area on U. S. 95 south of Quartzsite, east to Double O Junction, then north east to the Big Dick road (junction 63).

Tank Mountains: Starting at Engesser Pass and running south into Unit 41 is a large portion of the Tank Mountains. Bighorn sheep density here is low compared to the rest of the unit, however, some large rams have been observed in this area. Look just south of Engesser Pass in the Courthouse Mt., Frenchman Tank and Black Dome areas. Access. Take the King Valley road just east of Stone Cabin on U. S. 95 south of Quartzsite to Double O Junction, then north east to the King Mine area, then south to Engesser Pass area.

NEW WATER MOUNTAINS: A very small portion of the New Water Mts. (the very east end of the mountains) lie within Unit 45B. Depending on the year, a good number of sheep, along with an occasional good ram, can be found here. Access: Take the Hovatter road south from Interstate 10 to the El Paso natural gas line, then east onto the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, then look north of the gas line and west of the road to Kofa Cabin.

General: Rams can be found throughout much of the low rolling hills that make up much of the unit like bighorn pass and the Hoodoo Wash area.


Unit 45B quail populations continue to respond to fluctuations in the amount of rainfall received. With the significant moisture received this past winter, the 2010 hunting season should be good. 


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