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Urban Fishing Regulations
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The Arizona Game and Fish Commission specially designates certain municipal lakes as Urban Fishing Program waters. This special designation includes rules and regulations that are unique to these waters. The following information highlights what are considered some of the key regulations anglers fishing these waters should be aware of.

For more details on general rules and regulations, please refer to the Arizona Fishing Regulations Booklet available at license dealers, department offices, or online.

License Requirements
All persons 14 years or older, while fishing in Arizona, must have on their person a current Arizona fishing license. Urban Fishing Program waters require one of the following license types (other types are not valid).

Age License Type for Designated Urban Lakes
Under age 14 no license required
Age 14 and over Class U, Urban $18.50 good for calendar year
Class D, One day only $16.25 one day only
Class L, Super Fish good for calendar year. Residents: $53.00
Non-Residents: $63.00
Age 70 and over Class P (Pioneer) free if AZ resident 25 years

Other valid licenses include disabled veteran complimentary license and youth-group two-day fishing license.

Licenses can be purchased at any Game and Fish office, any one of our 340 license dealers or sporting goods stores statewide that sells state fishing and hunting licenses, or online through the Game and Fish website.

Class A (general fishing), Class F (combination hunt and fish), Class I (family fishing), and Class B (four month fishing) licenses are not valid at designated Urban Fishing Program lakes.
Bag and Size Limits
Species Urban Lakes Urban Ponds Size limit
Catfish 4 2 None
for unlicensed juveniles
Bass 2 1 13-inches
Sunfish: various species including bluegill, redear, green, and hybrid 10 5 None
White amur 1 1 30-inches
Other None None None

* Bag limit = what you catch and keep in one day. Possession limit = Same limit as the daily bag limit. This includes the total fish you have; like those in your home freezer plus those on your stringer or in your ice chest that day.
Method of take, use of bait
  • One or two poles only.  If using two poles, must have a $6 Two Pole stamp.

  • Most types of bait are legal.  The use of live bait fish (such as minnows) is illegal at all Tucson, Sahuarita and Payson area lakes.

  • No snagging or use of nets to capture sport fish.

  • Park rules and regulations vary by city and are identified on signage at each park.
  • When fishing, Game and Fish laws require you to attend your line, that is, stay near your fishing pole at all times. If you need to leave, even for a short period, simply reel your line in and remove your bait from the water.
  • When fishing, the hook, fly or lure must be used in such a manner that the fish voluntarily attempt to take it in their mouths.
  • It is a violation to fail to keep all edible portions of the fish in an edible condition or to leave fish to die. This is wasting "game" meat.
  • It is illegal to transport live fish from a lake or to transfer live fish from one body of water to another. Unauthorized stocking of fish, minnows and crayfish is illegal.
  • It is a violation to litter. This includes hooks, fishing line, bait containers, etc.
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