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Application Deadline

School groups must submit their application from the Arizona Game and Fish website before 5:00 p.m., Friday, September 2, 2016.  Submitting your application is just the first step in the drawing process and is not a guarantee that your group will receive a program.

The Drawing

All school group applications will be placed in a random drawing process that will occur within one week after the deadline date. Applications selected in the random drawing will be forwarded to the Sport Fishing Education staff, who will immediately begin contacting those selected applicants to schedule a program. Our sport fishing staff will only be contacting those applicants who were selected in the random drawing and those applicants will be contacted by phone or email no later than September 16, 2016.  Scheduling occurs on a first come, first serve basis so please reply promply when you are contacted.


What happens to those applications not selected in the random drawing?

All applications that were not selected in the drawing will be sent to the appropriate Regional office of the Arizona Game and Fish Department depending on the location of the school.  Regional Game and Fish employees will review the applications and try to schedule as many school applicants as they can.

If you are not contacted by anyone to discuss scheduling a sport fishing program, then you will not be receiving a Sport Fishing Education program from the Department this school year.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department would like to be able to provide a Sport Fishing Education program for every applicant but the Department continues to receive many more applications than our staff and resources can accommodate. 

If you have any questions about our Sport Fishing Education Program, the drawing process or loaner equipment, please call Marci Alderman, Sport Fishing Education Coordinator at 623 236-7240 or Pam Ostwinkle, Conservation Education Administrative Assistant at 623 236-7219.

* Required Fields
Contact Information
Name of Teacher:* First Name
Last Name
Name of School:*
Address of School:* Street
City County
State Zip Code
Primary Phone:*
Secondary Phone:
E-mail address:*
Group Information
The department requires a minimum of 25 participants attend both classroom and field instruction, with a limit of 50 participants. Be sure to specify grade level, and not age of students.
Grade levels participating:*
Number of students:*
Availability Information*

The more dates your group is available for a fishing program, the better chance the Department will have in scheduling your group.

All groups are eligible to receive one fishing program per calendar year. You must submit an application each year to be entered in the drawing. Applications are not saved beyond the current year.

If you MUST schedule a classroom and field instruction on specific dates, indicate the date for each. 
Field Day Options
  I am interested in scheduling the field day during the week as a class field trip
Classroom instruction date:
Field instruction date:

OR indicate by checking the month(s) which you can schedule the classroom and field instruction.

*We understand your group may be unavailable for some of the days in any months you check.

January May September
February June October
March July November
April August December


How can our program best fit your needs?

What is the main purpose/ goal for applying for the Sport Fishing Education program?*

How does the Sport Fishing program fit into your current curriculum?*

How will you incorporate concepts learned from the program into your lessons and/ or curriculum?*

After the completion of the Sport Fishing program, how will you bring the content learned in the field, back into the classroom and utilize the information gained?*

Provide any additional information that will help us understand your groups needs.  (Specific fishing related topics to cover, scheduling limitations, fishing access for individuals with disabilities, interpreter needs for language or sign, etc.)


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