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The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Statewide Archery and Bowhunting Program is committed to teaching safe, ethical recreational archery, providing and enhancing statewide archery facilities while expanding recreational venues, and developing bowhunting programs and opportunities. 

The program is designed to promote awareness, appreciation, education, and support to all archery techniques throughout Arizona for present and future generations. The program encompasses many activities.

Want to learn archery? Get started.

Loaner Archery Equipment
Archery equipment kits are available for certified Basic Archery instructors and Arizona Game and Fish archery volunteers at all Game and Fish regional offices. Equipment kits include 12 bows, five targets, and five dozen arrows. Kits may be signed out for one week. Special arrangements can be made for programs, depending on equipment availability. For information contact 623 236-7233.

Family Archery Program
This archery program is open to anyone ages 8 and older. Participants experience a safe, fun, and well-balanced introduction to recreational and competitive archery. Equipment is provided. Beginner and intermediate classes are available. Check with your local range for availability. For information contact 623 236-7233.

Basic Archery Instructor Courses
The Basic Archery Instructor certification is required for all teachers that administer the Arizona Archery in the Schools Program through their physical education classes. The eight-hour workshop focuses on hands-on experience in providing instruction on implementing a safe and technically sound archery program. This course is also required for all archery and bowhunting volunteers. Upcoming classes are posted on the Archery in the Schools Web page. For information contact 623 236-7233.

Arizona Archery in the Schools Program
This program is a physical education curriculum designed to teach international-style target archery in grades 4-12. The core content covers archery, history, safety, techniques, equipment, mental concentration, and self-improvement. In addition, the curriculum provides interesting and creative possibilities for integration with core content in social studies, mathematics, visual arts, history, and English/language arts. Before presenting the two-week archery course, teachers undergo an eight-hour Basic Archery Instructor training program. This training is provided by the Arizona Game and Fish Department at no cost.

Students shoot at bull’s-eye targets placed before an arrow-resistant net in their gymnasium or outside area. Equipment used is state-of-the-art and designed to fit every student. Equipment includes: 10 Genesis bows, five targets with stands, BCY backstop netting, and arrows. Thanks to support from the archery industry, the $4,800 equipment “kits” can be purchased by schools for $2,400. At this time, schools may also contact the Arizona Game and Fish Department to inquire about receiving a loaner equipment kit at no cost!

For more complete information about the Archery in the Schools program, visit

Bowhunter Education
Coming soon - you will be able to complete the bowhunter education classroom requirements online. For information contact 623 236-7202.

Archery League at Ben Avery Shooting Facility
Come join the fun of league play at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility archery ranges. Target and 3D leagues are offered. Information on upcoming leagues will be posted on this web page soon. It’s fun for the whole family! For information contact 623 582-8313.

Archery Educational Outreach Program
Similar to the archery youth program, this course can be utilized for groups such as HOA, Scouts, 4-H, and home school organizations to participate in an introduction to target, field, and 3D archery. Programs normally run three sessions at one-and-a-half hours each session. For information contact 623 236-7233.

After-School Archery Programs
The After-School Archery Program is designed as a next step to the Arizona Archery in the Schools Program. Any Parks and Recreation department can administer the program. Training and equipment is provided. For information contact 623 236-7233.

Archery Volunteers
Individuals interested in assisting with statewide archery programs, events, and teaching opportunities can request a job description as a Volunteer Archery Education Instructor.

Corporate Events
Are you looking for a new and innovative opportunity for your work group to enhance their focus and team-building skills? We can set up a corporate event for employees to have an enjoyable experience learning or enhancing their archery skills at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. With our certified archery instructors, you will learn basic form, range procedure and safety in experiencing the fun of target and field archery.

For More Information
For more information on any of the programs listed above, please contact the Statewide Archery Coordinator at 623 236-7233.



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