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What's the Big Deal about the Jaguar?


Jaguars once roamed across Arizona but were extirpated nearly one hundred years ago. However, these wild cats have recently been photographed on Arizona soil, starting a flurry of activity and debate. In this unit, your students will get the opportunity to explore the issues surrounding jaguars and their conservation.

Lesson Summaries

Make sure to read through the lesson and determine what knowledge your students are expected to know before carrying it out with the students.

  • Day 1 - Students compare various wild cats and then learn how to identify their tracks
  • Day 2 - After being introduced to the biotic communities of Arizona, students must find areas within the state that would be suitable habitat for the jaguar
  • Day 3 - Students study the stories and myths surrounding the jaguar
  • Day 4 - Using historic and current aerial photos, students compare the changind landscapes and discuss how this would affect migratory corridors and jaguar habitat
  • Day 5 - Students look at the history effectiveness of conservation activities and the Endangered Species Act in the United States
  • Day 6 and 7 - Students do some more research and present their new knowledge in a variety of ways

A resource trunk has been developed to supplement this curriculum and is available for check-out. It contains many of the materials you will need for the lessons in one convenient location. Supplies of this trunk are severely limited and advanced scheduling is required. Contact Sharon Voiland at for availability.

Suggested Grade Levels


Time Frame

7 days (45 minutes each day)

Arizona Department of Education Standards

The lessons in this unit were designed to present an integrated approach to learning. Not only will the students be introduced to science concepts dealing specifically with jaguars, but they will also use math and social studies in meaningful ways. Although each lesson includes the specific performance objectives achieved for each grade level, the following general concepts are covered (These are based on the old standards but will be updated soon):

Subject Strand Days
1 2 3 4 5 6/7
Science 1 x x       x
2   x   x   x
3           x
4 x x       x
Math 1            
2   x       x
3           x
5 x     x    
6       x x  
Reading 1            
2 x x x      
3         x  
4     x      
6     x      
Writing 1            
3 x          
5           x
8   x     x x
Social Studies 1   x x x x x
2           x
3   x x x   x
4   x       x

Download This Unit

These lessons can only be downloaded as one unit in a standard PDF form in Enlgish or Spanish:



Additional Jaguar Resources:

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