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Living Labels


This is a great activity to introduce wildlife, to assess your students’ knowledge of Arizona’s wildlife, and to initiate research and writing activities for your class.  Students are given a photo of an animal found in Arizona.  They must then walk around the room and ask other students yes/no questions in order to try to figure out what animal they are.

Suggested Grade Levels

K - 8

Time Frame

1 day (30 - 45 minutes)

Enduring Understandings

After completing the activities contained in this lesson, the student should understand these basic concepts:

  • Arizona has tremendous animal diversity because of the state’s variety of ecosystems.

Arizona Department of Education Standards

This lesson was designed to present an integrated approach to learning. Not only will the students be introduced to science concepts dealing specifically with ecosystems, but they will also develop and interpret graphs and write a persuasive paragraph. Although the lesson plan includes the specific performance objectives, the following general concepts are covered:

    Grade Level
Subject Strand K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Science 1 x x x x x x      
2             x x x
4 x x   x          

Download This Unit

This lesson is available in a standard PDF form:


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