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There is an increasing body of research that shows the positive impact that a child's exposure to nature and the outdoors can have on their health and well-being. As a result, the Arizona Game and Fish Department wants to help you and your family Get Outside!


To begin...

You should realize that it doesn't have to be complicated. Even 30 minutes a day outside can make an impact. Download our fun "A-to-Z Guide" which lists 26 classic ideas that all children should enjoy. When was the last time your kids (or even you) rolled down a grassy hill, took an alphabet hike, or painted with flowers? Our friends at Be Outside Idaho have 101 more ideas!


Ready for more?

Visit the Department's Get Outside! webpage for lots of ideas to get you started with watchable wildlife, fishing, hunting and more. Some convenient links from this page include:

If you are ready to explore hunting with even more gusto, then be sure to check out our Outdoor Skills page for information about mentored hunting camps.

You should also consider signing up for some of the Department's electronic newsletters to keep "in the know" about upcoming programs and opportunities.

Be sure to check out the Department publications. We have a variety of books that will help you enjoy Arizona's wildlife resources.


Feeling empowered?

Once you are feeling comfortable in the outdoors, the Department's Focus Wild Arizona wildlife education program has resources to help make the most of your experiences. Check out some of our outdoor skills resource kits. Although these kits were originally created for the formal classroom, they are available for you to check out, as well. You can find all of the necessary equipment to catch crayfish, watch birds and more!

Remember that you don't have to do any of this alone. it is often easier to stay motivated with more support. Social networks can help you find like-minded families in your area. The Children & Nature Network has a great guidebook for starting a Family Nature Club.


Want even more?

Have you exhausted all of the Department's ideas? Check out the resources available from our friends and partners:


Did you know?

By participating in outdoor recreation, you are helping Arizona's wildlife species. The Arizona Game and Fish Department takes no general tax-payer monies. Instead, we are based on a "user pay" model in which the majority of our funds are derived by the hunters and anglers in the state.

In addition, local communities benefit greatly from the tourism that wildlife-related outdoor recreation brings. Recent surveys indicate that hunting, fishing and watchable wildlife type activities add nearly $3 billion to Arizona's economy and create thousands of jobs.

You can do your part by buying a hunting or fishing license today!



"Let nature be your teacher." - William Wordsworth, English poet

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks." - John Muir, naturalist and writer
















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