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Arizona Wildlife Views Television: Archive 07-08

Every year, the Arizona Game and Fish Department produces thirteen half-hour television shows. The emmy-winning series, titled Arizona Wildlife Views, focuses on wildlife, research, fishing, hunting, boating, and the many other outdoor opportunities that the state has to offer.

The show first airs in the Phoenix area on PBS, KAET-TV, Channel 8. For the 2007-2008 season, the shows began airing Sunday afternoons at 4:30pm starting January 20, 2008 and ending May 4, 2008. Other channels throughout the state will often broadcast the show, as well. Be sure to check with your local channel providers about the air times and rebroadcasts.

Check Out the Lessons

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has developed lessons to accompany each of the Arizona Wildlife Views episodes.

The lessons are correlated to the Arizona Department of Education academic standards and are designed for students in grades 4 - 8. Each lesson consists of four parts:

  • Vocabulary introduced in the episode
  • Comprehension questions that can be answered while watching the movie
  • Critical thinking questions that develop concepts in more detail
  • In-depth activity that allows the students to explore a concept in a more hands-on, minds-on manner

In addition, all of the lessons include suggestions for differentiating the activities and extending the learning into other disciplines like reading, writing, geography, and math.

Arizona Wildlife Views Downloads:

The table below provides the lesson plan download for each episode, as well as the link to stream the episode over the Internet.

Video Link
Original Air Date
Lesson Plan
Jan. 20, 2008
Catch and Release [PDF, 172kb]
Episode 2 Jan. 27, 2008 Shooting, Sightseeing, and Safety [PDF, 169kb]
Episode 3 Feb. 3, 2008 Cranes, Crosswalks, and Big Gulps [PDF, 342kb]
Episode 4 Feb.10, 2008 Working for Water [PDF, 225kb]
Episode 5 Feb.17, 2008 Working for Wildlife [PDF, 192kb]
Episode 6 Feb.24, 2008 Life on the Line [PDF, 162kb]
Episode 7 Mar. 2, 2008 Eagles: From Symbol to Survival [PDF, 237kb]
Episode 8 Mar. 9, 2008 Getting Out in Arizona [PDF, 176kb]
Episode 9 Apr. 6, 2008 Monster Fire, Native Fish [PDF, 227kb]
Episode 10 Apr.13, 2008 Amphibians, Adaptations, and ATVs [PDF, 216kb]
Episode 11 Apr.20, 2008 Sharing a Story [PDF, 757kb]
Episode 12 Apr.27, 2008 Mussel Movements [PDF, 236kb]
Episode 13 May 4, 2008 A Random Spattering [PDF, 195kb]

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