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Resource Trunks

These trunks contain a variety of tactile items, resources, and lessons. They can be brought directly into your classroom or other learning environment. And the best part...they are absolutely free.

There are a few different trunks that we currently offer, with more to come in the future. Below are brief descriptions of each box. For more information, or to find locations and contact information for reserving the trunk, click on the appropriate name. Please note: if there is no link provided, the page has not been created. Check back soon.

CHANGES ARE IN STORE!! We are working through the summer to carefully evaluate our existing resource trunks and make significant improvements. Check back soon for more information.

Bat Box - contains a full bat skeleton, videos, books, puppets, biologist field kit, and much more.

Bear Box - contains the skull, hide, rubber footprints, and picture of a black bear along with a video and resource packet.

Bighorn Box - contains the skull, hide, and rubber footprint from a bighorn sheep. Also contains a used radio tracking collar, videos, and a variety of reference materials.

Bone Box - contains the skulls, hides, rubber footprints, and pictures of at least 10 different Arizona mammals.

Crayfish Capture - provides nets, buckets, traps, and poles necessary to trap and remove the invasive crayfish. Also includes protocols for trapping, sexing, measuring, and cleaning.

Elk Box - contains the hide, scat, rubber footprints, antlers, and pictures of elk. Also provides materials to compare elk to other cloven-hoofed mammals.

Felines Box - contains all the necessary components to effectively teach the "What's the Big Deal about the Jaguar?" lessons, including skulls from different Arizona cats and numerous books.



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