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Campfire Chats: Mountain Lions

Animal Damage Control Act of 1931 – United States Law – Title 7, Agriculture

Section 426 – Predatory and Other Wild Animals

"The Secretary of Agriculture may conduct a program of wildlife services with respect to injurious animal species and take any action the Secretary considers necessary in conducting the program."

Section 426b – Authorization of Expenditures for the Eradication and Control of Predatory and Other Wild Animals

"The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to make such expenditures for equipment, supplies, and materials, including the employment of persons and means in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, and to employ such means as may be necessary to execute the functions imposed upon him by section 426 of this title."

Arizona Game and Fish Department Predator Management Quote

"The management and use of predators is as acceptable and desirable as the management and use of any other wildlife. Predators and their prey cannot be managed separately. They are integral parts of the same ecosystem and the fate of one affects the fate of the other."

Mountain Lion Statistics

"Between 1937 and 1970, federal employees of Animal Damage Control…killed 7,255 cougars; 23,830 bears; 477,104 bobcats; 50,283 red wolves; 1,744 lobo wolves; 2,823,000 coyotes; and millions of other animals."

- Kevin Hansen, author of Cougar: The American Lion

"We have had 2 attacks (non-fatal) resulting in injuries in Arizona."

- Arizona Game and Fish Department web site

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