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Wildlife Education Newsletter

Even with all of the electronic ways to communicate, some people still prefer to get their education information from a more typical, paper newsletter. For that reason, we introduce Wildlife Education News.

Wildlife Education News is published approximately three times per year to closely follow the typical school calendar (Fall and Spring semesters and Summer break). They include articles on Game and Fish resources and programs as well as upcoming events. Each issue also features a different animal or wildlife-related topic. We provide links and educational ideas centered around that topic.

Very few hard copies of the newsletters are printed. They are provided at some education conferences and other events. However, they can be downloaded for free and printed. For your convenience, we make them available in two versions. The STANDARD version has each newsletter page printed on a separate 8.5x11 sheet of paper. The FOLDED version can be printed, double-sided on 11x17 paper and folded.

We encourage schools and districts to print out copies and make them available to teachers through bulletin boards and other methods. They can also be emailed directly to appropriate teachers.

The downloads below are arranged by most recent publication date. So, the latest issue is at the top. We have provided the featured topic. Please be aware, however, that the newsletter has additional information, some of which may no longer be valid.

Vol. 1, Iss. 2 Jan. 2013 Bobcats Standard Folded
Vol. 1, Iss. 1 Sept. 2012 Owls Standard Folded





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