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Raptors of Arizona

Here are some ideas to incorporate the Raptors of Arizona poster into your kindergarten classroom. The appropriate standards are listed below each activity.

Eagle Eyes

An eagle is capable of spotting its prey from over one mile away. Find a rock or other small, mouse-sized object and place it in the middle of a large field or park. Walk away from the object until you can no longer see it. Mark your location and measure the distance from the object. How far away is it? How much better is an eagle’s eyesight?

  • Science: Strand 1, Concept 3, Objective 2
  • Math: Strand 4, Concept 4, Objective 1
  • Math: Strand 4, Concept 4, Objective 3


One of the main reasons bald eagles became endangered was the use of a very powerful pesticide called DDT. This chemical caused their eggs to become very weak. The shells became so thin that they could not support the weight of the parents trying to keep them warm. As a result, the eggs would not hatch. Try an experiment to simulate this situation. Place one egg in a glass of water and one in a glass of vinegar. Observe both eggs for a day or two. What is happening? Carefully remove both eggs from the glasses and place each one on a separate plate. Which egg do you think is stronger? Place a book or other weight on top of each egg. How many books can you use before each egg breaks?

  • Science: Strand 1, Concept 2, Objective 2

Wild Kids

Check out the Wild Kids activity page focused on raptors.

  • Reading: Strand 3, Concept 1, Objective 2

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