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Youth Day 2014 Information

The 6th annual Youth Day at the Outdoor Expo will be held on Friday, March 28, 2014 from 8:30am to 2:30pm. It will take place at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility located just west of I-17 on Carefree Highway in north Phoenix. Students will experience numerous outdoor recreation opportunities like fishing and geocaching, see live animals while learning about Arizona’s native wildlife, listen to a variety of engaging presentations, and visit dozens of hands-on educational booths.

Please review the information below. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact Eric Proctor at or 623-236-7243.




Below you will find lots of information that will help you plan your day. In addition, we have provided educational activities to bring the learning back to your classroom. Check back as information is updated.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Eric Proctor at 623 236-7243 or


NEW Maps: Event Layout and Parking Map [PDF]

Parking: Buses will park in the north parking area located at the corner of Long Shot Drive and Calle Sillouetta. Cars and other vehicles will park in the south parking area. Staff will be on hand to direct drivers to the appropriate locations.

Lunch: If you are bringing lunches, plans should be made to store these back at the vehicle or carried by the students in a backpack or similar container. There are no designated locations to store coolers.

Food vendors will be on site, as well. Below is a sample of some of the typical food items for sale at last year's event and their costs. Please be advised that information is subject to change.

Approximate prices from last year's Youth Day:

  • Complete Meal - Brat or Hot Dog/Chips/Drink - $5
  • Drinks - Start at $1
  • Kettle Korn - $3 - $7
  • Shaved Ice - $3 - $5
  • Ice Cream - $3 - $5
  • Mini donuts - $5
  • Nachos - $3
  • Tacos/Burritos - $3.50 - $5
  • Fries - $6

Additional food items will be available on-site.

What to Bring:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Bag or backpack (to carry all the crafts and goodies received at event)
  • Snacks and/or lunch, or money to purchase food

Participants may also wish to bring money. In addition to the food vendors, souvenirs (such as hats, shirts, stuffed animals, and educational games) may be for sale.

Please note: there are NO areas designated for item storage. Only bring what you can carry, or make plans to keep items in your car or bus.

Video and Photo Footage: Please be advised that there will be AGFD department photographers and film crew at the event on Friday. In addition, local news media may be present to film live shots or video promos.

If you have any concerns about photos or videos prior to the event, please contact Kellie Tharp by phone at 623-236-7238 or by email at

Event Logistics: There is no "correct" way to experience the Youth Day event. Upon arrival, you are free to visit whichever activities you feel will be the most valuable. The majority of the events are available on a "drop in" basis, allowing you to simply approach the booth and participate. At times, a line may form (e.g., Youth Fishing) and a short wait may be required.

Most activities are planned to address all age levels. However, some are recommended for younger or older audiences, and a few require participants to be a specific age.

Chaperones: There is no mandatory ratio of students to chaperones. However, Youth Day takes place over a rather large area with hundreds, if not thousands, of other people. Responsible adult chaperones should only be accountable for a small number of children. We recommend a ratio no larger than 8 children for each adult.

UPDATED Passport: Since we have a large number of students and chaperones attending the event, please be aware that every student will not be able to do every activity.  We are creating a “Passport” that will highlight and provide suggestions for some of the day's activities. Please be aware: Event chaperones will be responsible to choose the activities or demonstration that their group attends, and check them off as they complete them.

Keep in mind that some of the activities will be there throughout the weekend. If your students did not get to participate in a particular activity or they wish to spend more time, encourage them to attend with their families.  

Educators can print the passports out (4 passports per page). They are intended to be printed double-sided. Then, punch a hole at the top, thread it with yarn or a lanyard, and have the the students wear the passport to keep track of it.

  • Expo Activity Passport [PDF]

Follow-up Activities: As educators, we know how important follow-up activities can be. At the bottom of this website are a number of lesson that you can bring back to your classroom. In addition, there will be a number of activities that will have specific activities to bring back to your classroom. However, to save paper, these activities will only be available in a digital format. Look for the QR codes at specific exhibitors. Scan the code with your smart phone or tablet to download the activity directly.

NEW Twitter Feedback: If you are on twitter, we would love to communicate with you. Share photos of you experience. Tell us what you think. Be sure to tag your post with #YouthDay so we can find you!


UPDATED Below is some information about just SOME of the activities you can experience at Youth Day to help you get the most out of your time. Please be aware, however, that this is just a sampling of the activities you can do. Be sure to view the map for a complete listing.


Presentations: Do not miss the educational presentations that will be taking place regularly throughout the day. This year, we are very pleased to have FOUR different types of presentations. And, due to popular demand, we have streamlined them to provide you a better chance to experience all that we have to offer!

Descriptions for all of the different presentations are included below. Be sure to make time for the presentations during your visit.

Printable Presentation Schedule [PDF]

Storytelling - Students and faculty from South Mountain Community College's Storytelling Institute will tell stories about animals or related to the theme "Go Play Outside!" These stories are appropriate for all ages from young children to adult. Presentations will occur every hour on the half hour with the first one at 9:30am and the last at 1:30pm.

Live Wildlife Presentations - Arizona Game and Fish Department staff will be delivering a presentation on the "Animals of Arizona." The presentation will be offered every hour on the hour starting at 9am with the last presentation beginning at 1pm.

Gun Safety Presentations - Presented by Shooter’s World, these age-appropriate presentations will focus on gun safety in the home and other environments. The content is the same but each talk has been geared for specific grade levels. The schedule for presentations is:

  • 9:00am - Elementary school
  • 10:00am - Middle school
  • 11:00am - High school
  • 12:00pm - Elementary school
  • 1:00pm - Middle school
  • 2:00pm - Elementary school

Wildlife on the Loose! - Stop by our two live wildlife presentation arenas where you can get an up close look at Arizona's native wildlife. The arenas are a unique opportunity to see the animals in a slightly larger setting where you can watch their behaviors in more detail. There will be NO formally, scheduled presentations in this area. Instead, animals will vary throughout the day and Department staff and volunteers will be available to discuss and educate. Stop by periodically to see what we have available and to ask your questions. In one arena, we will feature some of Arizona's smaller animals including gila monsters, prairie dogs and desert tortoises. In the brand new, second arena, raptors will be the focus. And, if you are lucky, there may even be a visit from our bobcat!


Animal Olympics: Fresh off of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, we have decided to introduce a new activity this year: the Animal Olympics! Come out and see how well you can compete with some of our wildlife all-stars. How does your sprinting ability compare to that of a pronghorn? Can you jump as far as a mountain lion?


Crayfish Science: Always a popular attraction, be sure to stop by and learn all about the highly invasive crayfish. You will have the opportunity to discuss crayfish management with experts, and you may even get to catch and hold a few live specimens!


Kids Fishing Booth: Come try your hand at catch and release fishing at our large fishing tank. This exhibit, more than any other at the Youth Day, will draw the crowds. Over the course of the day, we will see most of the visitors, and anyone who wants to fish will be able. Numberous fishing experts will be available to help individual anglers to improve the success. And when you are done, be sure to stop by the photo booth for a picture with your "catch."


NEW Archery: Everyone 8 years or older is able to learn the basics of archery. After participating in a short safety briefing, you will have the opportunity to shoot a few arrows. Unlike in years past, there is no pre-registration required. However, lines may form early. Archery is located on the far western side of the Youth Day event.


NEW Wildlife Walk: Join us for a short nature walk and learn some techniques to improve your chances to see wildlife when you are recreating in the outdoors. The wildlife walk is located on the south side of the Youth Day event.


NEW Geocaching: Come learn about an extremely popular outdoor recreation activity that requires nothing more than a GPS and observation skills. Geocaching is located on the far western end of the Youth Day event past the food court and archery.


Activity Tent: This large tent includes many of our non-profit and governmental partners. In addition to providing information about their organizations, they have been asked to create and host a hands-on activity. Be sure to devote some time to the tent where you can create your own nature journal, identify wildlife tracks, and make bat masks!


Live Wildlife: We are the Arizona Game and Fish Department. So, what would the Youth Day be without live animals? And you will certainly have the opportunity to see lots of them. Some of our partners that will have live wildlife scattered throughout the event include the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center, Phoenix Herpetological and the Arizona Falconers Association. In addition, many exhibitors will have wildlife artifacts such as hides and skulls available to touch and learn.


NEW Nature for Little Ones: Due to popular demand, we have decided to add an area just for children 5 years old and younger. Children will have the opportunity to engage in age-appropriate nature-based activities in a relaxed environment. Parents: come sit back and enjoy some quality outdoor time with your young ones.




 Additional Information


Below you will find some supplemental activities to bring into your classroom before and after the event, along with brief standards correlations. Additional activities may be added as we get closer to the event.

For supplemental activites and resources, scroll down or click on the appropriate grade level range:


The following concepts described in the Arizona state education standards will be addressed throughout the numerous activities taking place. Specific POs addressed will vary by grade level.

Science Strand 2: History and Nature of Science

  • Concept 1: Identify individual, cultural, and technological contributions to scientific knowledge. (K-12)
  • Concept 2: Understand how science is a process for generating knowledge. (K-8)

Science Strand 3: Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

  • Concept 1: Describe the interactions between human populations, natural hazards, and the environment. (K-12)

Science Strand 4: Life Science

  • Concept 3: Understand and analyze the relationships among various organisms and their environment. (K-12)
  • Concept 4: Identify plant and animal adaptations (both structural and behavioral). (K-8)

Physical Activity Standard 3: Students exhibit a physically active lifestyle.

Physical Activity Standard 6: Students demonstrate understanding and respect for differences among people in physical activity settings.

Physical Activity Standard 7: Students develop behavioral skills (self-management skills) essential to maintaining a physically active lifestyle.

Workplace Skills Standard 5: Students will demonstrate a set of marketable skills that enhance career options.


 Grades K-2

General Wildlife

Outdoor Recreation


 Grades 3-5

General Wildlife

Outdoor Recreation


Animal Olympics

North American Model

 Grades 6-8

General Wildlife

Outdoor Recreation


Animal Olympics

North American Model

 Grades High School

General Wildlife

Outdoor Recreation


Animal Olympics

North American Model

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