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Local Sportsmen’s Group Grant Program


The purpose of the Local Sportsmen's Group grant program is to help local sportsmen’s groups fund projects that promote wildlife conservation through hunter, angler, shooter and trapper recruitment and retention. The program awards grant funds to eligible projects through a competitive application process each year.

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FY17 Local Sportsmen’s Group Grant Program

  • Local Sportsmen’s Group Grant Program Application Packet

  • Word version of grant application form

Applications for the Local Sportsmen's Grant program are being accepted and must be received no later than 5 p.m. (MST) on Monday, July 14, 2016; postmarks do not count.
$75,000 is anticipated for hunting, fishing retention programs

“Continuation with Support” & “Continuation without Support” Retention Programs

Priority will be placed on “RETENTION” projects that involve the pursuit, or harvest of fish or wildlife with a license / tag to participants who have had a trail experience (i.e.: first time: hunt, hands-on expo, shooting event, etc.)
– AND –
those that directly provide a “Next Step” through the HAHWG / Outdoor Skills Network or other successional program to move the participant to the “Continuation without Support” phase of the Adoption Sequence.

Note: The specific funding window(s) focus for the Local Sportsmen’s Group Grants program can change each fiscal year.


NEW: Projects evaluate participants’ skills, experience and social support system
• Projects provide mentoring and instructions on new skill development
• Projects involve other partners and / or community involvement
• Project has means of “actively” engaging students after event to provide “Next Steps”
• NEW: Projects supports AZGFDs customer management / registration tools or data needs
• NEW: Project supports tracking and reporting of volunteer hours

What types of projects are eligible to receive grant funds?
The priority funding focus of this year’s grant program is on moving beginners from the recruitment stage to the retention stage of the Adoption Sequence. Projects and events that involve the pursuit, or harvest of wildlife or fish with a license are being requested.

Game and Fish is seeking hands-on hunting or fishing projects that identify participants who have had a recent trial experience, and are ready for the next step in hunting and or fishing. The project should also have a way to connect them to another similar program afterwards for continued hands-on engagement and retention development.
Examples of possible projects include but are not limited to:

Hands-on, mentored hunting events / camps for:
-small game – quail, squirrel, rabbit
-migratory birds – dove, ducks, geese
-predator hunting – coyote, fox, bobcat
-big game – javelina, turkey, deer, elk
-bowhunting – small game and big game
-trapping and fur harvesting
-fishing - urban
-fishing - lake

Grants dollars cannot be used for activities such as, but not limited to: purchasing licenses, tags, stamps or regulatory permits, banquets, raffle prizes; gifts; hunting competitions; and for-profit projects.

All programs must be open to the public. Applicants must meet all state and federal laws and rules. All participants must be properly licensed and stamped for the activity when required.

General Information about the Local Sportsmen’s Program

The purpose of the Local Sportsmen's Group grant program is to help local sportsmen’s groups fund projects that promote wildlife conservation through hunter, angler, shooter and trapper recruitment and retention. The program awards grant funds to eligible projects through a competitive application process each year.

How much grant funding is available?

The Arizona Legislature and the Arizona Game and Fish Commission determine how much money is available each year. For the FY 2017 grant year $75,000 is available. Multiple awards may be made. Sportsmen’s groups may apply for single or multiple grants; more than one grant may be awarded to the same group (must be stand-alone projects). The Arizona Game and Fish Department may partially fund project(s) at its discretion.


To be eligible for the Local Sportsmen’s Group Grants applicants must meet the following requirements. Applications that do not meet these criteria will be rejected.

1. Be a not-for-profit, non-commercial, local, Arizona-based, or Arizona-chapter of national sportsmen’s / outdoor development group / organizations

2. The project must meet the current Funding Window

3. The project must be related to hunter, angler, shooter, trapper, recruitment, retention, reactivation – with relation to the annual Funding Window

4. The project must be conducted in Arizona and focus on Arizona’s public

5. The project must be completed before June 30, 2016

6. The applicant must register in ProcureAZ at or call (602) 542-7600

7. The applicant must obtain, and submit a certificate of general liability insurance coverage including sexual abuse and molestation insurance (S.A.M.I.) to the Department prior to signing the grant agreement to receive funding (see page 16).

How are grant awards determined?

Grant applications are scored by a panel of at least three department employees according to how well the proposed project meets the funding window priority and scoring criteria, which are listed in the grant application packet. Final awards will be approved by the Arizona Game and Fish Department Director.

More information

Contact Local Sportsmen's Group Grant Administrator
Doug Burt
623 236-7487

There is no cost to Arizona taxpayers for the Local Sportsmen’s Group grant program. The Local Sportsmen’s Group grant program is an investment in the continuance of wildlife conservation efforts and outdoor recreation participation in Arizona and funded through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, permit-tags and stamps. Game and Fish does not receive any of the state’s general funds and operates on a user-pay, public-benefit model.
FY 2016 Funding Window for Local Sportsmen's Group Grants

Hunting and Angling Heritage Workgroup

Groups that apply for the Local Sportsmen's Group Grant Program are encouraged to join the Hunting and Angling Heritage Workgroup (HAHWG). The HAHWG (pronounced hog), is an alliance of leaders of industry, conservation groups, youth groups, and wildlife management professionals to synergistically preserve the hunting and angling tradition. The HAHWG's primary program for improving hunting / angling participation rates is through hands-on, introductory, mentored events. The group meets bi-annually and focuses on coordination, cooperation and communication for a common effort. For more information, visit

Other Grants

Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation / Wildlife Conservation Committee: The Wildlife Conservation Fund from the conservation license plate program is a grant program open to 501c3 organization for the purpose of habitat projects deemed beneficial for all species of wildlife in Arizona, wildlife conservation education, and/or hunter / angler recruitment activities. There is no fixed grant cycle for submitting applications.

For details, application and past projects, visit:

Outdoor Skill Network Event Calendar

If you're interesting in events provided by the Local Sportmen's Group Grant program and other efforts / partners who teach how to learn how to "hunt, fish, trap, shoot" outdoor skills camps, visit and find an event using the "Outdoor Skills Events" calendar.





Learn Outdoor Skills
Hunting, trapping, fishing, shooting & more

To learn more about future hunting, fishing events and other outdoor and wildlife-related activities, visit
for a calendar listing of events




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