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Welcome to the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s online application process for non-school groups. Please read the following information carefully. Providing complete and accurate information will increase your chances of receiving a Sport Fishing Education program. Submitting an application is not a guarantee that your group will receive a program but it is a necessary first step in applying for a program. If you have any questions, call (623) 236-7240 and ask to speak with the Sport Fishing Education Coordinator.

What is the Non-School Group Fishing Program?

A non-school group fishing program is conducted for a specific group and are not open to the general public. Non-school groups may include private schools, various youth groups and youth organizations, churches, rehabilitation centers, senior centers, corporate and local businesses, just to name a few.

Non-school group fishing programs is a four-hour program composed of two parts, Classroom Instruction and Field Instruction.

Classroom Instruction is a one-hour presentation conducted during the first hour of the program. The presentation covers topics such as, native fish and sport fish of Arizona, fish biology and habitat requirements, fishing safety and ethics, fishing regulations and basic fishing techniques. Educational handouts are available for all participants.

Field Instruction is three hours of hands-on fishing at a community lake or nearby body of water of your choice. The department provides all fishing equipment, a selection of bait and all fishing license requirements are waived between the clinic hours. Transportation to the fishing location is the responsibility of the requesting group.

Things To Know Before You Apply

  1. The majority of non-school group fishing participants must be 8 years old (3rd grade) or above. The department does not provide sport-fishing instruction for groups where the majority of the participants are under the age of eight.

  2. All non-school group participants must participate in a classroom instruction, lasting about one hour and a field instruction, of 3 hours. Both classroom and field instruction are held on the same day.

  3. Non-school groups must have a minimum of 25 participants attending both classroom and field instruction with a maximum limit of 60 fishing participants can be accommodated during the field instruction. Field instruction may be cancelled if the classroom instruction does not contain the minimum number of 25 participants.

  4. Groups working with individuals that have special needs, (physical, developmental or mental disabilities), may include staff or caregivers when counting minimum numbers of participants as long as the staff or caregivers attend both classroom and field instruction.

  5. The Sport Fishing Education Program will not provide staff or equipment for “competitive” fishing events, derbies or tournaments. The following criteria also apply to “catch-and-release” competitive events. A competitive fishing event is any event that involves the catching of fish as a requirement for the awarding of prizes, trophies, certificates, ribbons, or special recognition of any kind. Raffles or drawings may be used to award prizes to individuals, who have registered for the event or have participated in an educational process and as long as the distribution of prizes is not tied in any way to the catching of fish.

  6. There is a limit of one program, per group, per calendar year. Whether your group receives a program or not in this calendar year, your group will need to submit a new application next calendar year if your groups wants a program in that year.

  7. To help us schedule a program with your group:

    • Be as flexible as you can when providing dates (or months) of when your group is available for a program. Our instructors only have so many available dates as they continue to schedule programs with different groups.

    • Be accurate and complete when filling out your application. Use the “Additional Information” box to provide any information about your request that we should know about. This may include listing several preferred dates for your program if you have them, listing a specific location for the fishing instruction, requesting a specific instructor if you have worked with one of our instructors before.

  8. You will discover that the Sport Fishing Education program will be one of the most enjoyable programs that your group will participate in all year.
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