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Ben Avery Shooting Facility Rules

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All firearms must be in a case or worn holstered on strong side to enter Main Range. Gun socks and scabbards will no longer be allowed as substitutes.
Firearms must be cased and uncased at the concrete shooting tables only with the muzzles pointed down range.
Firearms must be pointed down range at all times and must be transported muzzle up.
Everyone on the range must wear hearing protection and some form of eye protection.
When entering a cease fire period, all firearms must be completely unloaded and all magazines removed in order for the firearms to be considered range safe.
Children under the age of sixteen must be supervised by an adult at all times. They may not be left unattended at the shooting table.
No children under the age of five are permitted on the range.
All muzzles must be over the red firing line when being discharged. There is no shooting from behind the shooting table.
All rounds must impact the berm. Shooters are responsible for every round they fire. If a round hits the mountain, the shooter must stop shooting immediately.
Fully automatic firearms are permitted, but they must be shot from a prone or benchrest position. This applies to bump-fire firearms.
All firearms must be aimed. You may not shoot from the hip or any other shooting position in which the shooter cannot properly utilize the sights.
Do not shoot the frames. We assess a replacement fee for any broken frames.
Do not shoot wildlife.
You may draw and fire from the holster so-long as you stand adjacent to the shooting table and do not place your finger on the trigger until the firearms is pointed down range.
Humanoid zombie targets and targets with human features are not permitted. Training silhouettes are allowed. Targets are subject to Range Master approval and must be removed if deemed incompatible with the family oriented facility we operate.
Tracers, incendiary, explosive, specialty shot shells, and other similar rounds are strictly prohibited.
Shotgun loads may be used on the main range. Buckshot and slugs must be used on the wooded frames; birdshot must be discharged on special shotgun frames which are designed for birdshot ONLY.
No food is allowed on the main range. Drinks a permitted, but they must be in a resealable container. Smoking is prohibited on the range.
Any firearms chambered in .50 BMG, or any round derived from .50 BMG, or producing kinetic force on par with .50 BMG is strictly prohibited.
Anyone under the influence of alcohol or impaired in any way will not be permitted to shoot.
Shooters are responsible for the policing of all brass in their shooting area and returning their frames to the target bunker before leaving.
Shooters may collect their own brass; however, they may not take any brass hat is left by other shooters.
Black powder firearms are permitted on the range. They must be loaded at the back bench and they primed or have the frizzen loaded at the shooting table. When the line is being cleared, all powder must be removed from the firearms.
Medical issue must be reported to a Range master immediately.
Shooters must abide by all commands issued by range personnel.
Failure to abide by these range rules may result in the customer being asked to leave.

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