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Watercraft Registration Information
What Registration Means
Registration means that a motorized boat can be used. Without it, it cannot legally be put on the water. An owner registering a boat for the first time in Arizona is always issued three things:
• A certificate of number (ownership document)
• An AZ Number
• A set of decals

Download the required registration application and other forms, at rules & regulations.

Certificate of Number
This document shows that a motorized watercraft has been registered in the name of the owner. The certificate must be on the watercraft any time it is in use (underway, moored or anchored) on the waters of Arizona (whether the waters are public or private). In effect, a motorized watercraft cannot be used if it is not registered.

AZ Number
The AZ number is a set of numbers prefixed by the letters “AZ”, which the owner must paint or otherwise affix to the forward half of the boat on each side. In concept, they are like having license plates on your car. A motorized boat cannot be used without displaying the AZ numbers unless it is a new boat with a temporary registration issued by a watercraft dealer.

Two decals are issued when the boat is first registered and annually thereafter, when the registration is renewed. The owner must affix these to both sides of the boat in front of the AZ numbers. They prove that the boat is currently registered. See the example below for correct location:
Registration Fees

Fees support boating programs in Arizona such as marine law enforcement, education and safety programs, and facilities. Following are the categories under which a boat may be registered, and the fees to be charged under those categories.

Watercraft Size Resident Fees Nonresident Fees
0 to 12 ft. Fee Schedule Fee Schedule
12 ft. 1 in. to 16 ft.    
16 ft. 1 in to 20 ft.    
20 ft. 1 in to 26 ft.    
26 ft. 1 in to 39 ft.    
39 ft. 1 in to 64 ft.    
64 ft. 1 in and over    

Transfer Fee
When an Arizona registered boat is transferred to a new owner, the fee is $4. If the boat is not currently registered, the new owner must pay for the renewal of the watercraft. The penalty fee does not apply. Please call the Department before mailing in your transfer of ownership to verify the correct fees.

Duplicate Decal $2

Duplicate Certificate $2

Penalty Fee
The penalty fee applies to renewals only. Applications for renewal of registration made after the expiration date are subject to a penalty fee of $5. Exceptions are:
• If more than 12 months have lapsed since the expiration date of the last registration or renewal.
• If the expiration date fell on a weekend or state holiday, and the registration is renewed before the close of business on the next working day.
• If the renewal was mailed before the expiration date, as evidenced by the postmark.

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