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Bird Abstracts, Distribution Maps &
Below you will find bird abstracts containing the following information:
- Taxonomy
- Biology
- Distribution
- Population Trends
- Management Status (as available)
- Illustrations

NOTE: Some of the following files are PDF's and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. For text-only, use Adobe Access.
NOTE: Distribution maps are based on occurrences in the HDMS database and are not meant to be complete or predicted range maps.   Each species has specific criteria that must be met before being entered into the database; therefore the resulting maps reflect only the occurrences that meet the species specific criteria.  Maps contain known extirpated and historic occurrences.
Accipiter gentilis
Northern Goshawk [PDF, 202kb]
Distribution Map
Aechmophorus clarkii
Clark's Grebe [PDF, 54kb]
Distribution Map
Aimophila ruficeps rupicola
Yuma Rufous-Crowned Sparrow [PDF, 39kb]
Aix sponsa
Wood Duck [PDF,59kb]
Distribution Map
Amazilia beryllina
Berylline Hummingbird [PDF,41kb]
Distribution Map
Amazilia violiceps
Violet-crowned Hummingbird [PDF, 169kb]
Distribution Map

Ammodramus bairdii
Baird's Sparrow [PDF, 178kb]
Distribution Map

Photograph  Photograph2

Ammodramus savannarum ammolequs
Arizona Grasshpper Sparrow [PDF, 190kb]
Distribution Map
Amphispiza quinquestriata
Five-striped Sparrow [PDF, 49kb]
Distribution Map
Anthus spragueii
Sprague's Pipit [PDF, 63kb]
Distribution Map
Aquila chrysaetos
Golden Eagle [PDF, 169kb]
Distribution Map
Photograph `
Ardea alba
Great Egret [PDF, 52kb]
Distribution Map
Athene cunicularia hypugaea
Western Burrowing Owl [PDF, 184kb]
Distribution Map
Botaurus lentiginosus
American Bittern [PDF, 45kb]
Buteo brachyurus
Short-tailed Hawk [PDF, 60kb]
Buteo plagiatus
Grey Hawk [PDF, 168kb]
Distribution Map
Buteo regalis
Ferruginous Hawk [PDF, 178kb]
Distribution Map
Buteo swainsoni
Swainson's Hawk [PDF, 51kb]
Distribution Map
Buteogallus anthracinus
Common Black-hawk [PDF, 65kb]
Distribution Map
Caracara cheriway
Crested Caracara [PDF, 71kb]
Distribution Map
Catharus fuscescens
Veery [PDF, 63kb]
Distribution Map

Catharus ustulatus
Swainson's Thrush [PDF, 72kb]
Distribution Map

Photograph  Photograph2

Charadrius nivosus nivosus
Western Snowy Plover [PDF, 55kb]
Distribution Map
Charadrius montanus
Mountain Plover [PDF, 194kb]
Distribution Map
Chloroceryle americana
Green Kingfisher [PDF, 46kb]
Distribution Map

Coccyzus americanus
Western yellow-billed Cuckoo DPS [PDF, 109kb]
Distribution Map

Photograph  Photograph2

Colinus virginianus ridgwayi
Masked Bobwhite [PDF, 184kb]
Distribution Map
Dendrocygna autumnalis
Black Bellied Whistling Duck [PDF, 49kb]
Distribution Map
Dendrocygna bicolor
Fluvous Whistling-duck [PDF, 180kb]
Distribution Map
Dolichonyx oryzivorus
Bobolink [PDF, 57kb]
Distribution Map
Dumetella carolinensis
Gray Catbird [PDF, 180kb]
Distribution Map
Egretta thula
Snowy Egret [PDF, 50kb]
Distribution Map
Elanus leucurus
White-tailed Kite [PDF, 64kb]
Distribution Map
Empidonax fulvifrons pygmaeus
Northern Buff-breasted Flycatcher [PDF, 175kb]
Distribution Map
Empidonax hammondii
Hammond's Flycatcher [PDF, 66kb]
Empidonax traillii extimus
Southwestern Willow Flycatcher [PDF, 183kb]
Distribution Map
Euptilotis neoxenus
Eared Quetzal [PDF, 167kb]
Distribution Map
Falco femoralis septentrionalis
Northern Aplomado Falcon [PDF, 181kb]
Falco peregrinus anatum
American Peregrine Falcon [PDF, 108kb]
Distribution Map
Glaucidium brasilianum cactorum
Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-owl [PDF, 106kb]
Distribution Map
Gymnogyps californianus
California Condor [PDF, 176kb]
Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Bald Eagle [PDF, 129kb]
Distribution Map
Ictinia mississippienisis
Mississippi Kite [PDF, 61kb]
Distribution Map
Ixobrychus exilis
Least Bittern [PDF, 67kb]
Distribution Map
Lanius ludovicianus
Loggerhead Shrike [PDF, 170kb]
Distribution Map
Megaceryle alcyon
Belted Kingfisher [PDF, 55kb]
Distribution Map
Otus flammeolus
Flammulated Owl [PDF, 28kb]
Pachyramphus aglaiae
Rose-throated Becard [PDF, 169kb]
Distribution Map
Pandion haliaetus
Osprey [PDF, 39kb]
Distribution Map
Passerculus sandwichensis rostratus
Large-billed Savannah Sparrow [PDF, 224kb]
Passerculus sandwichensis rufofuscus
Chihauhua Savannah Sparrow [PDF, 169kb]
Pica hudsonia
Black-billed Magpie [PDF, 68kb]
Distribution Map - Tribal Lands
Pinicola enucleator
Pine Grosbeak [PDF, 44kb]
Distribution Map
Plegadis chihi
White-faced Ibis [PDF, 44kb]
Distribution Map
Polioptila nigriceps
Black-capped Gnatcatcher [PDF, 49kb]
Distribution Map
Rallus longirostris yumanensis
Yuma Clapper Rail [PDF, 134kb]
Distribution Map
Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha
Thick-billed Parrot [PDF, 152kb]
Setophaga ruticilla
American Redstart [PDF, 47kb]
Distribution Map
Sialia sialis fulva
Azure Bluebird [PDF, 80kb]
Distribution Map
Strix occidentalis lucida
Mexican Spotted Owl [PDF, 132kb]
Distribution Map
Trogon elegans
Elegant Trogon [PDF, 160kb]
Distribution Map
Tyrannus crassirostris
Thick-billed Kingbird [PDF, 141kb]
Distribution Map
Tyrannus melancholicus
Tropical Kingbird [PDF, 49kb]
Distribution Map
Vireo bellii arizonae
Arizona Bell's Vireo [PDF, 41kb]
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