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Apply for a Heritage Grant

Apply for an Additional Heritage Grant Opportunity
due by 5pm Friday, March 14, 2014
“I am so thankful for grant programs like the Heritage Grant because it helped my dream become a reality.The schoolyard habitat has brought real world, hands-on learning to our school.  It will continue to help students become aware of their environment and the need to conserve resources.”
Julia Goucher

4th grade Teacher, Peralta Trail Elementary School

Grant funding available for Environmental Education or Outdoor Education projects

(Posted Jan. 31, 2014) -- The Arizona Game and Fish Department is pleased to announce an additional Heritage Grant award opportunity for the 2014 grant cycle. Applicants can submit a Heritage Grant proposal for either an Environmental Education (EE) Heritage Grant with $16,000 in available funding or an Outdoor Education (OE) Heritage Grant with $14,800 in available funding.

Applicants should refer to the revised Heritage Grant EE or OE “Funding Windows” documents (see links below) that describe eligibility information and provide specific guidance for goals and objectives listed within each grant sub-category. Also posted below are Heritage Grant application forms and the Heritage Grants Manual.

Proposals/applications for these grants can be submitted either by e-mail to or mailed to Arizona Game and Fish Department, ATTN: Wildlife Grant Administrator, 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85086. No faxed applications will be accepted.

Applicants can submit grant applications for this additional opportunity up until the application deadline date of 5 p.m. on Friday, March 14, 2014.

Heritage Fund money comes from Arizona Lottery ticket sales. Heritage funding goes toward conservation efforts such as protecting endangered species, educating students and the general public about wildlife and the outdoors, and creating new opportunities for outdoor recreation. The funding for this additional grant opportunity will go to projects that benefit environmental education or outdoor education.

“By simply buying Arizona Lottery tickets, Arizonans help schools and others offer environmental and outdoor-related education opportunities that can keep kids connected to nature despite the reduced budgets of local schools,” says Robyn Beck, the department’s Heritage grant coordinator.

For additional information or questions about this grant opportunity, please contact either Robyn Beck, the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Wildlife Grants Administrator, at (623) 236-7530 or; or Marty Herrera, the department’s Heritage Fund Administrator, at (623) 236-7527 or

2014 Heritage regular grant cycle is closed

The regular grant cycle for 2014 Heritage Grant applications is now closed. The deadline was Sept. 30, 2013. Information on next year's grant cycle will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

In 1990, Arizona voters approved the use of lottery dollars to help create the Heritage Fund. In 1992 the Arizona Game and Fish Department established the Heritage Fund “Grants” Program administered as part of the overall Heritage Fund Program. The grants program was initially developed as a way to promote outreach in order to enhance important partnerships and generate fresh approaches in support of our agency mission. Since inception, the Department has had the opportunity to award over thirteen million dollars through the Heritage Fund grants program and support over six hundred and seventy projects throughout the state.

During the 2013 Heritage Fund grant cycle a total of $432,000.00 in funding was available to support grant proposals. The Department received 73 application proposals requesting a total of $1,029,459. The Arizona Game and Fish Department subsequently awarded 32 of these projects for a total of $335,777 in grants funded.

Application Forms

  • Heritage Grant Application Manual
    The Heritage Grant Application Manual has been revised to supersede previous versions.
  • Heritage Grant Application Form
    For use by Environmental Education, Schoolyard, Urban Wildlife, Public Access and IIAPM Grant Applicants
    The revised application forms will supersede previous versions. Previous versions of these forms will not be accepted in the upcoming Heritage Fund grant cycle.
    Application form as a word document.

  • Heritage Grant Application Form
    For Outdoor Education grant applicants to use
    The revised application forms will supersede previous versions. Previous versions of these forms will not be accepted in the upcoming Heritage Fund grant cycle.
  • Workshop Schedule

  • Heritage Grant Scoring Process
    The current scoring process manual has been incorporated into the revised grant application manual and covers the Department's prioritization process for Heritage Fund grants. Priorities are based on the Department’s Strategic plan and our Director’s annual goals and objectives. Scoring of grant proposals involves a thorough technical review and a Prioritization Committee evaluation and scoring process.

    Grant Scoring
    Outdoor Education Scoring

  • Heritage Grant Cycle Flow Chart
      Process map - External
    Oudoor Education Process Map
Application Assistance

Again, we appreciate your continued support for the Heritage Fund grant program and look forward to many more successful years working together in developing partnerships for wildlife.

For additional Heritage Grant information contact:
Robyn Beck
Heritage Fund Grants Coordinator, Funds Planning Section
Phone: (623) 236-7530





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