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Mexican Wolf Blue Range Reintroduction Project

Standard Operating Procedures



The nature of wolf management is such that consistency and reliability in approving and carrying out actions are of paramount importance. The high potential for controversy reflects the emotional significance that is attached to wolf reintroduction and recovery – the human dimension. The margin for error in managing wolves is small, thus it is crucial to follow an established protocol.

The purpose of the Project’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is to delineate that protocol, regardless of which Interagency Field Team members are involved. The SOPs listed in the Table of Contents (SOP 0.0) include those that have been identified since 1998 as vitally important to ensuring consistent and reliable Project operations. The current versions of these SOPs are available below. They provide greater certainty for the agencies and the public as to how decisions will be made and implemented. They also allow for flexibility where circumstances require it. However, the SOPs also set sidebars on flexibility by identifying how to approve significant departures or exceptions from the procedures outlined. Over time, new SOPs will likely be added, and the existing ones will be revised, as necessary, to address any significant issues that emerge.

Standard Operating Procedures
Table of Contents


0.0       SOP Overview

0.A       Table of Contents

0.B       List of Abbreviations and Key Terms

0.C       Key Contact Information

0.D       2006 Calendar Year Moratorium

1.0       Purpose and Content of SOPs

2.0       Writing and Approval of SOPs

3.0       Outreach

4.0       Monthly Project Update

5.0       Initial Wolf Releases

- Clarification Memo - SOP 5.0 Initial Wolf Releases

6.0       Wolf Translocations

- Clarification Memo - SOP 6.0 Wolf Translocations

7.0       Temporary Closures

8.0       Supplemental Feeding

9.0       Road Kill Salvage

10.0     Incident Reporting by Other Agencies

11.0     Depredation on Domestic Livestock and Pets

- Clarification Memo - SOP 11.0 Depredation on Domestic Livestock and Pets

12.0     Mortality and Injury Response


14.0     Trap Preparation and Use

15.0     Helicopter Capture and Aerial Gunning

16.0     Howling Surveys

17.0     Ground Telemetry

18.0     Aerial Telemetry

19.0     Intensive Winter Wolf Monitoring and Ungulate Mortality Collection

20.0     Requirements for Pharmaceutical Storage, Access and Record Keeping

21.0     Handling, Immobilizing and Processing Live Mexican Wolves

22.0     Chemical Darting

23.0     Blood Collection, Handling and Storage

24.0     Mexican Wolf Transport

25.0     Media Production Access to the Field Project

26.0     Location Dissemination Guidelines

27.0     Population Monitoring of Mexican Wolves


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